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The South African Bioproduct Organisation (SABO) was established in 2013 as a brainchild between DAFF, various Universities and research institutions as well as the bioproduct industry to improve the standard of bioproducts in the market in order to protect both the market and the end users. The purpose of SABO is to develop the bioproduct industry in South Africa and to regulate the activities of participants in accordance with high ethical and science-based standards. In South Africa, it is the home organization of manufacturers and researchers in the field of bioproducts: biocontrol agents, plant and microbial extracts, plant resistance enhancers and growth promoters, as well as microbial inoculants.

SABO aims to build the knowledge and impact of bioproducts in integrated pest management, soil improvement and sustainable agriculture. From humble beginnings SABO has grown and is now also represented on international platforms through its membership with Bioprotection Global (BPG). BPG’s main objective is to achieve international harmonization for regulation of biological pest control solutions and to be the central contact for governmental and non-governmental stakeholders worldwide related to biocontrol and biopesticides.

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