Employing Nature to Ensure Balance and Equilibrium in the Environment

The South African Bioproduct Organisation (SABO) was established in 2013 as a brainchild between the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), various Universities and research institutions as well as the bioproduct industry to improve the standards of bioproducts in the market in order to protect both the market and the end users. The purpose of SABO is to develop the agricultural bioproduct industry in South Africa and to regulate the activities of participants in accordance with high ethical and science-based standards.

What are Bioproducts?

Bioproducts are defined as naturally occurring living organisms (bacteria, fungi, nematodes, insects, plants, etc.) and extracts of living organisms, used to control pests and diseases, enhance growth of and protect plants and animals in indoor and outdoor environments.

Bioproducts basically fall into two categories – Biocontrol agents (or products) and Biostimulants.

Biocontrol Agents

Biocontrol is the use of living organisms, such as insects, or bacterial and fungal pathogens, to control pest populations. Biocontrol employs nature’s own mechanisms to ensure balance and equilibrium in the environment.


Biostimulants are products that stimulate natural processes in or on the plant or around the roots to enhance nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, increased tolerance to abiotic stress, and crop quality, vigour and yield.





Why Become a Member of SABO?

SABO is a representative body for the entire industry of agricultural bioproduct manufacturers, marketers, researchers and users of bioproducts. SABO is an organisation run by members of the bioproduct industry.

Membership is open to anyone that has an interest in the bioproduct industry.

All role players in the bioproduct industry are encouraged to get involved in SABO to ensure that SABO is able to achieve its mandate.

Through shared involvement SABO will achieve more than what each individual may do on their own and to the benefit of all members and the industry.

SABO represents the needs and contributions to agriculture of all of the role players in terms of registration processes, importation of foreign organisms, etc. to government, to organized agriculture, and to society as a whole.

Our Board of Directors is elected annually and is representative of all the role players in the industry.

What are the Benefits of Joining?

SABO is the link between the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development and the industry.

SABO has a strict code of ethics and conduct where all members are expected to comply with the standards set in our Memorandum of Incorporation and Code of Ethics and Conduct.

SABO aims to create a forum in which people working in the field of bioproducts can regularly meet with colleagues in the same field, in appropriate meetings such as annual congresses.

SABO undertakes to train agents in the crop protection field as well as users of bioproducts with a sound training in the use of bioproducts.

Become a member and enjoy the benefits.