SABO Code of Ethics and Conduct

The aim of SABO is to be recognised as the principle representative of the agricultural Bioproduct industry, conducting its functions with professionalism and excellence. SABO’s objectives are to:

1. Promote the bio-product industry,

2. Promote products that are developed based on sound scientific research and that are fully compliant from a regulatory perspective, and

3. Serve as a platform for its members to engage with relevant stakeholders.

It is incumbent on members of SABO to operate in an ethical manner to promote the Bioproduct industry and be recognised for taking stewardship. In order to achieve the aims and objectives, SABO members need to work together as an industry to promote excellence and compliance with the law/regulations.

SABO’s Code of Ethics and Conduct aims to encourage members to operate within the regulatory framework, conducting business in an ethical manner and uphold the highest level of ethics in all facets of their business.